Cephas Care is registered for Personal Care and Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury. We are also registered for both children and adults; this we find facilitates with the transition process from childhood into adulthood.

It is important to Cephas that all the people we support remain as independent as they can for as long as they can. Making sure that their wishes are met in all areas that we can.


For thousands of people in the UK with long-term conditions, one type of health care professional provides a level of care and support that they couldn’t do without. This is where the role of the specialist nurse or carer becomes apparent.

Specialist nurses and carers are dedicated to a particular area of care; caring for customers with long term conditions and diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and other terminal illnesses.

They provide direct care to the customer, and can play a vital role in supporting customers on how to best manage their symptoms, as well as offering support following diagnosis. Most customers wish to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible, and a specialist nurse or carer can help them achieve this. This can also allow a person to remain in their own home or with family members as long as possible, and in many cases, the involvement of a specialist nurse or carer can prevent a customer being hospitalised.

There are various areas in which our specialist carers can provide support, including; medication, monitoring skin integrity, continence management, ventilation management, nutrition, positioning, and in the management of seizures etc.

At Cephas we have numerous customers with long term health conditions, who we support on a daily basis, with the involvement from specialist nursing teams. By working in partnership with specialist nurses this ensures that all parties understand the customer’s needs, and the customer receives the best care for this.

Cephas Care Direct Payments

Cephas Care can accept customers who have Direct Payments, from 1hr per week to 24hr care please contact us on directpayemtns@cephas-care.com or call 01473 322600 for more information

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) offers individuals much greater control and choice about the services they receive. A positive move away from time and task commissioning, where a rigid list of care activities are specified to be performed at specific times of the day within a rigid timescale. ISFs are clearly in tune with greater individual choice discussed in the recent Care Act and Support to Live at Home. To discuss how Cephas Care Ltd can support you with this contact us on:

01473 322600

Download the SCC Funds PDF here..

Sam Macey
Head of Adult & Community Services

Rhiannon Read
Care Delivery Manager