Cephas provide our own induction training which covers the Care Certificate. This is delivered by qualified in-house trainers, who are also working within our supported living schemes. This makes the training practical and relevant to the work place and people the support worker will be supporting.

During the first week of mandatory training, support workers are issued their own handbook, which, once completed is evidence towards their Skills for Care certificate. They are also provided with a CPD record, which becomes their responsibility, linking their knowledge to Company Policy and Procedure, to their practical experience.

Identify Training Needs

After the initial profile has been received and a subsequent assessment of each individual made, specific areas of training are identified. We will ensure that all support workers within the scheme have specific autism and mental health training, which will be provided by in-house managers, and external training providers as required. We develop good links with individual’s professionals’, some of whom have included epilepsy nurses, speech and language therapists, diabetes clinics, and mental health teams. We actively encourage these professionals to be involved from the initial referral stage, including the recruitment and training of support workers, providing person specific training and ongoing support.

Team Meetings

We have regular team meetings to ensure a consistent approach to the support given. The main aim of these meetings is to share the support workers knowledge, and develop new approaches as required. Supporting, multi-disciplinary professionals are encouraged to attend these team meetings to maintain an open working relationship with all involved in the person’s care. We aim to have open and transparent working

Computer Based Aids

Cephas Care use a computer based programme, which has an automated monitoring system for both support workers and people we support. This will only allow fully trained, and allocated support workers, to work with the individual for whom they have been fully trained. The computer system also produces automated reports of support worker training and supervisions required, this system ensures that we can book support workers to update their training, and that supervisions are carried out on a regular basis.

Autism and Mental Health Training

Staff can be trained in autism and mental health, the outcomes will be understanding the sensory stimuli that people with Autism face. They will be taught about the atypical sensory and perceptual processing giving them understanding of how people with Autism might be feeling in different settings, which might cause them fear, frustration, or confusion. The triad will be explained and how the lack of imagination effects everyday living and problem solving.

Crisis Prevention Training

All support workers are trained in crisis prevention and management of actual or potential aggression if this is needed. This is an accredited course provided by our qualified in-house trainer, who will also support staff in the best techniques to support the tenant to find alternative ways to communicate, where behaviour challenges. These courses concentrate on body language of both staff and tenants, promoting a non-threatening approach, very similar to the positive behaviour models.